Our future was so bright, we had to wear shades. Literally. If you know what song those lyrics are from, you’re older than me. LOL. In all seriousness, when Patrick and I launched Homorazzi.com two years ago (March 12, 2009), we had no idea what the next couple of years would bring. Not in even in most optimistic predictions, could we have pictured where we are now. Thanks to all our fantastic cast members (our fancy way of saying writers) and our loyal readers, we have really made a name for ourselves. It still humbles us greatly, when we receive flattering fan mail or even get recognized on the streets when we’re not in our hometown. And for that we are truly grateful.

The other day, Patrick and I reminisced how it all began. We had entered a contest for pinkisthenewblog.com and worked so well together, we decided to work on a collaborative venture. BTW, we won the contest and scored two floor seats for Britney’s concert in LA. At first we didn’t know what project to embark on. Having worked for a successful kids/teen website, I knew I wanted to still work online and use my expertise. Coupled with Patrick’s creativity, we flushed out the idea of Homorazzi.com. PS. Thanks to Topher for inspiring the name. If he hadn’t been a lame ass and fallen asleep during WinterPride 2008, I never would’ve thought of the name and purchased the domain immediately.

Over the past two years, there are too many highlights to list off. We’re so thankful to the countless productions, concert promoters, public relations firms, record labels etc. who’ve given us access, so we can report on amazing events and people. In the next few months, that list will grow exponentially, as you’ll see Patrick and myself reporting abroad and traveling quite a bit. I’m not even exaggerating that a lot of travel is in store for us. Every month from now til July, I’ll be in a different location at least once a month. Frequent Flyer points here I come.

Not only will we be jetsetters, but we have big plans for the site as well. By the end of the month, we hope to launch our biggest addition to the site since we went live. We’re so excited about it – we worked on it hardcore this weekend and can’t wait for you to see it. I’ll give you a hint, it’s a bit of an homage to a few cities where our biggest audiences come from. Just in case you’re wondering, that’s New York, Vancouver, London, Toronto, Seattle and LA. If your city isn’t our Top 6, spread the word. We promise we’ll give you a big virtual hug.

In closing, on behalf of Patrick and the rest of the cast members, we blow you a HUGE kiss for all your support. Without our fans (and occasional haters), we wouldn’t be where we are today. With over 5000 posts (achieved that milestone this week), 1.5 million monthly pageviews, and big plans ahead, Homorazzi.com will continue to build its brand and establish ourselves as a go-to online destination.

THANK YOU again, and please send us some of your feedback. Whether positive or not, we love reading it. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to make the site better. xoxo – Homorazzi.com