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This fall, we have a lot of exciting changes happening with Homorazzi, and one of these changes will be implemented this weekend. We’ll be moving Sunday Submissions to Saturday, meaning that they are now called Saturday Submissions, and Sunday will be more of a Behind the Blogday where the cast focuses on writing more personal entries and sharing their own personal confessional or weekly recaps via webcam, should they be inclined to do so. Unscripted: Just the cast being themselves.

We are very excited to designate weekends on Homorazzi to getting to know our readers more, and getting to know the Homorazzi cast more.

We’ve had readers sending in their articles for a few months now, and we must say it has been a great success! Men, women, gay, straight, people from different backgrounds have written in to speak their mind. Saturdays on the site are devoted to our readers all over the world, giving YOU the chance to write and be heard!!!

Submit your article to saturdays[at]homorazzi[dot]com each week by Friday, so we can go through your article and get it ready and ensure it is suitable for posting. Don’t worry about the pics – if you have suggestions or a specific pic you’d like to use, please include them in your email.

We look forward to hearing what you have to say – something funny, touching, whatever inspires you…

We ask that the article be a minimum of 2 paragraphs, and know that we reserve the right to not post all articles if it is not a fit for the site. Include where you are from, and you’re welcome to include your name and a picture of yourself if you like to be placed at the end of your article.

PS: If your articles become uber popular, you never know where it can lead…

PPSS: Thank you to all of our Sunday Saturday Submission writers thus far – keep up the good work!

  • Patrick

    I know this article was posted back in September, So hopefully someone will get this…

    What kind of articles are you all looking for? Anything? Everything? Is anything taboo?

  • Joe Lethbridge

    hEY patrick . I like the human interest and entertainment submissions. If i want sports other than seeing the hotties i will go to sports illustrated . My personal thoughts, I have literally hundreds of writings and poems I have done. let me know if you want to check them out .

  • Patrick

    I totally agree with you on the Sports thing.

    My problem will be that I have a lot of ideas.. .which are frankly, more like rants, so reigning them in to form actual cohesive compelling content will be interesting.


    hiya x my name is francesa duell. im best friend with heidi robinson x

  • About a year ago I released my first book, entitled: Love Won’t Let Me Be Silent. I still remember how excited I was about releasing the book; not just because it was my first, but because I knew that every word from cover to cover was divinely inspired and all I could think about was the countless lives that I knew the book would save. I was also relieved that hundreds, if not thousands of kids wouldn’t be thrown out into the streets and estranged from parents after their guardians, friends and extended family members would read the book! As days, weeks, and months went by, it wasn’t long before my mailbox was flooded with emails from parents of gay teens and same-gender-loving people of all ages, genders and ethnicities from all over the world, telling me how my book had dramatically changed their perceptions and even saved many of their lives. An added bonus was that distributors from all over the world began to pick my book up and distribute it like it was hotcakes on every continent, something I could never have anticipated or dreamed would happen! For days I walked around somewhat dazed, walking 10 feet above the ground because I couldn’t wrap my brain around what was happening to me and how fast my life was changing. I went from being an unknown author to an internationally acclaimed author, literally overnight, with a book that had been nominated for more literary awards than one could imagine.

    Now before you prejudge me or think that I am just bragging about my accomplishments, I plead with you for just one moment to let me explain further why I am sharing this information with you. Just yesterday, I was stunned as I read the numerous headlines on the internet and in print about the six gay youths who had committed suicide this year, and believe me when I say; this is only the tip of the iceberg! Some ended their lives because of bullying (now a national epidemic), while one college student leapt from a bridge, killing himself after his roommate and friend streamed a video of him having sex with someone privately on the internet without his knowing or consent.

    Just to be very honest with you, I have been resting and basking in the sun of the numerous political gains that same-gender-loving people have achieved recently and enjoying my own personal success. Admittedly, I lost my focus and directed my attention to my personal needs and goals, since for so long they had been neglected, especially after having garnered so much media attention and international acclaim — FRIENDS I AM JUST BEING HONEST! This euphoria was enhanced by the fact that things appeared to be slowly getting better for the LGBT community as Federal judges in high positions of authority began eradicating unconstitutional laws all over the country that clearly discriminate against same-gender-loving people. That’s when something jolting happened; I was slapped in the face by life! That’s what God has to do to us sometime when our success comes seemingly effortlessly and rapidly; slap us in the face with reality so we can realize that He has blessed us for a specific purpose and reason. For those of you who are familiar with the story of Esther in the Bible, that is exactly what God had to do to her after she had been elevated to queen when the Jews were in danger of being annihilated. Listen to the words her uncle Mordecai was inspired to write to her in an urgent letter, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit:

    For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14 NIV)

    God’s love for humanity is so immense until he would do anything and go to any length to save our lives (as was demonstrated by the sacrifice of His only son upon Calvary’s mount). God loves all people but when it comes to the young people, the scripture clearly emphasizes how deep His love runs (Mark 10:14).

    So grievous has been the loss of these young lives until many celebrities, including Ellen DeGeneres, whom by the way has taped two of the most heart wrenching videos appealing to people everywhere to do all that they can to stop the intolerance, indifference, hatred and homophobia. As I took the time to view her most recent video post just days before Raymond Chase, an openly black gay student ended his life, my heart broke and so I decided to respond by writing something that would maybe touch the hearts of people on every continent (since God has given me an international voice) that would inspire change. For a moment I sat on my couch and prayed asking God to give me the words because I knew how important this message had to be if it was going to be effective and motivating, and that is when God said something that sounded awkward to me, “Pick up your book and read it!” At first, I thought, He was advising me to do this because maybe He wanted me use an excerpt from the book as part of the article, but then, as I glanced through the book I had an awakening and was re-inspired when I realized that every conceivable topic that I could think of that any same-gender-loving person, parent, lover or friend would ever need to know about was included in this book:

    Topics from self acceptance, to reconciling one’s sexuality and spirituality. Even chapters that help individuals to find a suitable life partner, wise advice that counsels parents on how to understand their gay son or lesbian daughter and how to preserve their lives and protect them from homophobic abusers. There are courageous stories like the one of my brother Darryl who was diagnosed with full blown AIDS at the onset of the pandemic, yet refused to give up on life and triumphed over the virus, going on to achieve monumental success for promoting Madonna’s first Platinum album which propelled her into international fame. Other chapters tell of how my Godmother reared famed actor, Dustin Hoffman and I, and my own struggles as a gay teen who often contemplated suicide. After reading these accounts, tears began to stream down my face. Immediately, I promised God, that from this moment forward, I would use every ounce of strength in my being to get this book into the hands of as many people possible, as quickly as I could, realizing that lives are at stake and in the end, saving lives is far more important than financial remuneration or accolades. So my friends, I plead with you because it is apparent that our children and young adults desperately need our help and the sad thing is that many of them will never ask for help, they will simply just end their lives needlessly, thinking they have no other recourse.

    If you know anyone who is gay, lesbian or transgender and you suspect that they are having a difficult time either accepting who they are or because someone is bullying them, or maybe because family members have rejected them, don’t just sit around and do nothing hoping they will somehow pull through it on their own! Become proactive and send them a copy of “Love Won’t Let Me Be Silent” even if you do it anonymously, keeping in mind that you don’t always have to be compensated or be thanked publically for noble deeds. I have already emailed several of my distributors worldwide and shared this same information with them, requesting that just for a month or two, they lower their prices and/or place the book on sale so that people can easily purchase it without financial strain. Additionally, I have posted a very powerful excerpt on my website (kind of a mini eBook) entitled: “Lord My Child is Gay, What Do I Do?”, which can be uploaded free (at no cost) right from my website. Even if you do nothing more than upload the excerpt and send it to a friend who is gay and/or lesbian, or a parent of a gay child, that may be the one deed you do that saves the life of someone you love dearly. If you have any difficulty uploading the Pdf (Lord My Child is Gay, What Do I Do?), email me directly and I will personally send it to you at no cost.

    In conclusion, I wish to state that I realize that this is a very touchy subject in many minority communities but even if we cannot agree on whether being gay is right or wrong, I know that we all agree that every person we know is worth saving and that it is never God’s will for anyone’s life to end needlessly and/or prematurely. While your religious convictions may not respond to this urgent appeal, I know that your heart and your conscience will never allow you to sit idly by and do nothing, for when you have done it unto the least one of these, my little ones (said Jesus) you have done it unto me!” Matthew 25:40

    Thank you for helping me to save the lives of our youth globally!

    Terry Angel Mason, Global Author


    Why not consider donating of copy of Love Won’t

    Let Me Be Silent to a local college near you!

    Most have LGBT Organizations who would

    sincerely appreciate your literary gift, and you

    will be saving lives in the process!

    In Loving Memory of:





    My condolences to the families of these beautiful children and young adults.