This fall, we have a lot of exciting changes happening with Homorazzi, and one of these changes will be implemented this weekend. We’ll be moving Sunday Submissions to Saturday, meaning that they are now called Saturday Submissions, and Sunday will be more of a Behind the Blogday where the cast focuses on writing more personal entries and sharing their own personal confessional or weekly recaps via webcam, should they be inclined to do so. Unscripted: Just the cast being themselves.

We are very excited to designate weekends on Homorazzi to getting to know our readers more, and getting to know the Homorazzi cast more.

We’ve had readers sending in their articles for a few months now, and we must say it has been a great success! Men, women, gay, straight, people from different backgrounds have written in to speak their mind. Saturdays on the site are devoted to our readers all over the world, giving YOU the chance to write and be heard!!!

Submit your article to saturdays[at]homorazzi[dot]com each week by Friday, so we can go through your article and get it ready and ensure it is suitable for posting. Don’t worry about the pics – if you have suggestions or a specific pic you’d like to use, please include them in your email.

We look forward to hearing what you have to say – something funny, touching, whatever inspires you…

We ask that the article be a minimum of 2 paragraphs, and know that we reserve the right to not post all articles if it is not a fit for the site. Include where you are from, and you’re welcome to include your name and a picture of yourself if you like to be placed at the end of your article.

PS: If your articles become uber popular, you never know where it can lead…

PPSS: Thank you to all of our Sunday Saturday Submission writers thus far – keep up the good work!