Homorazzi Episode 13: Special Guest Host Henry!

We have started our search for the newest addition to our panel! Our first guest co host is a young chad named Henry.

Henry was actually one of the first people to apply and his application had me in stitches. He quoted Mean Girl, Bridesmaids & Pitch Perfect (All Homorazzi staples).

In this episode after we introduce Henry, we talk about the mess that is Amanda Bynes & the engagement of two gals that I had no idea were even dating! In music we talk about Demi Lovato and one of Patrick’s favorite up and comers.

Movies we hit on Scary Movie 5 and one of the most anticipated movies on our list, The Purge!

Check out the entire episode below and stay tuned for who we’ve got on the panel next week.

  • Unlike previous episodes, the video is not available for all countries 🙁

  • george

    why is this video not available to all countries? are you own by a corporation now?

  • Rob

    cant view this vid 🙁

  • DouggSeven

    Holy shit – I got a shout out! Do I come off mean though? I always thought I’m a ‘tell it like it is’ type of poster.

    Can’t wait for my post history thread. I might die on the spot!

  • VanCity

    Yay! I Love It!