Homorazzi Episode 14: Special Guest Host Dave!

We continue the search for our next co host and welcome to the table our friend Dave.

In this episode we talk about the Kim and Kris divorce, how dumb Ryan Lochte is and my utter disdain for one of today’s biggest music stars.

We also touch on Great Gatsby, Pain and Gain, Real Housewives of Vancouver finale, Patrick reconnecting with his birth mother and a whole bunch more.

What did you guys think of Dave? Don’t forget we had Henry last time and someone really sassy is coming up next week.

Don’t forget if you’re interested in joining us on the panel and are in Vancouver, just email [email protected] and we’ll try you out.

  • Triage 11

    Yes, Leonardo DiCaprio does ruin everything. “Please world, take me seriously. Please give me an Oscar.” He plays the same character in every movie – himself.

  • DouggSeven

    ^ I agree. I can’t watch a movie with Leo in it. He’s got such a baby face (even when it gets wider with age) that his roles never match his face. I think I hated Inception because of his involvement with it (and for the billionth time – I did get the story, a dream within a fucking dream…who cares???) Catch Me If You Can – Leo is supposed to be a sex symbol? On earth? Gimmie a damn break. Titanic – wtf is a 25 year old broad doing with a 14 year old kid??? Arrest that pedo!

    I think What’s Eating Gilbert Grape was his only good role – he really had me convinced he was a mentally retarded teenager. Is it possible I can’t shake it and I typecast him? Who the hell knows – or cares at this point.

  • Olivier

    why are episodes 13 & 14 region locked? i quite enjoy your show so its a little sad that i cannot watch it from South Africa anymore. any plans on changing this again in future?

  • DouggSeven

    ^ Get this – they make these episodes available for a limited time (why it’s region locked is beyond me) and then it goes to a PAID distribution subscription model on YouTube called Gay Direct. I didn’t even know YouTube allowed that. They are also available on a Canadian gay channel called Out TV.

  • Allan

    Man! Woof! This new guy Dave is easily the hottest guy you have ever had on your show. I’d meet him in an ally any day of the week. He’s so the right choice as your new Nic.

  • uninspired

    “It’ not like LOL all the time….” What a teenage girl!