Happy New Year, everyone! Today is the first day of 2012 and we have a whole new year of unlimited opportunities and memories to made made to look forward to. With that, yesterday I took some time to reflect upon everything that happened in my life in 2011 – month by month.

Thanks to Facebook’s new “Timeline feature, it was relatively easy to navigate through my year. I’ve included a collage image below for each month, highlighting my key experiences for that month. The four photos in the image above highlight a few memories from this year that you won’t find below. The top left was myself, Tyrell, and Rich and some other friends at Adam‘s cabin. We go there every summer for a weekend to relax… and drink. The photo in the top right was our recent Homorazzi “Knot Theory” photo shoot which was tons of fun. The bottom left was when a couple months ago I met “Marlena Evans” and “John Black” from Days of our Lives. Lastly, the bottom right photo actually made the cover of some newspapers, featuring me jumping in the air as part of my soccer league’s choreographed dance routine in the Vancouver Pride Parade. It was SO much fun. Check out more highlights from my 2011 below.


In January of last year, myself and the majority of the Homorazzi crew attended WinterPRIDE in Whistler, B.C. In the pic on the left, you can see Tyrell and I heading up the chairlift. In the photos on the right, you see us having a good time and in the bottom right, showing off our T-Shirts given to us by Whistler Bungee!


This month was pretty low key with the exception of meeting some cool people. I went to a Hellcats cast party with Tyrell and you can see us on the left with Robbie Jones. On the right, I’m with Chelsie Hightower and Mark Ballas from DWTS after Tyrell had interviewed them. The picture on the bottom right is us with Jennifer Breakspear, President of Qmunity here in Vancouver.


In March, Donovan and I went to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to attend a hotel opening as well as soak up the sun. In the photos from top to bottom, you see us with on the right with Hell’s Kitchen Season 7 winner, Holli Ugalde, with RuPaul’s Drag Race finalist Alexis Mateo, and finally the view from our hotel room.


After Florida, we ventured to Los Angeles to cover the GLAAD Awards and the NewNowNext Awards. We also attended a taping of E! Fashion Police where we met the infamous Joan Rivers!


This month, we interview Dev and The Cataracs and apparently wore a lot of plaid – LOL. In the picture on the middle/right, you can see Tyrell getting a major surprise as I captured the moment of his friends from home coming for a surprise visit. It was priceless.


The photo on the left and the middle right are the more positive moments of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, literally outside my door. The photo on the top right shows Tyrell performing in front of thousands of people at Winnipeg Pride, and he and I together on the bottom right. He was fantastic!


This month started off with Tyrell and I checking out Nicki Minaj and Britney Spears at the Femme Fatale concert. The other highlights (from top to bottom) include a Retro Party, playing soccer in the North American Outgames, and appearing in the “Stereotypical Gay” webseries.


Here, Vancouver “swells with pride” as the headline suggests. Yep, that’s me on the cover of the paper, leading my friends from my soccer league in the Vancouver Pride Parade. In the top right, Tyrell and I take a pic with Wynter Gordan.


During this month, Tyrell asked me to marry him – and I said yes! The photo on the left is from later that night when we went out to celebrate. The photos on the top and bottom right are from my first gay wedding that I attended this month as well. In the middle right, you see my business partner Jamie and I (along with our model in the middle) appearing on the reality show Dragon’s Den!


In a last minute decision, I decided to dress up as Perez Hilton for Halloween and he even made a post about it! On the right you see me with Tyrell’s dad and aunt who were visiting us. In the middle right is a photo from Google Maps as I discovered the Google cam had captured me walking my dogs a while back!


On the left, you see Tyrell and I with my brother and my nephew who came for a visit. It was such a great time! On the top right, Tyrell and I are out clubbing with Leo Moctozuma here in Vancouver. In the middle right, Tyrell (dressed as sailors) are with Jonny and Adam at the annual Filmore Family Reunion dinner/party. Lastly, the bottom right was a Ginch Gonch reunion. We all used to make up the majority of the office here in Vancouver, before it relocated to Montreal. So many memories!


Finally, this past month is all about Christmas. The photo on the left is the Christmas tree & village at my parents place where Tyrell and I spent Christmas this year. We even made a snowman! The top right is us in one of those photobooths at a Christmas party an in the middle, you see myself and Jamie talking about gift ideas for men on Global BC Morning News.