Homorazzi on OUTtv: Watch Our Two Latest Episodes Here!

A new episode of Homorazzi has been airing this week on OUTtv, but in case you’ve missed it or you don’t live in Canada, we’ve got it here for you to check out, witch cast members (from left to right) Tommy, Nic, Patrick, and Adam. We’ve also included our New Year’s Special, which aired on New Year’s Eve as well.

As you may recall, Nic was away in Hawaii for our last episode as well as for the New Year’s Eve special. In our newest episode, he may have been wishing he was still there because Adam seemed to be on his case the whole episode, catching Nic off guard by calling him out on some things that had recently happened (allegedly) in his personal life. Nic was not happy and ironically, this all went down while discussing the new Les Miserables film.

The panel talks about what they think about Ke$ha‘s new album, The Hobbit, This Is 40, the Gossip Girl finale and more. They also talk about how much they love the hilarious new web series, Willam’s Beatdown.

Homorazzi – January 2013

Homorazzi – New Year’s Special – December 2012

  • Adam

    You’ve GOT to be kidding me with the still from this video.. WHY is it always me looking HEINOUS?!?!?!

  • James

    The camera doesn’t lie, Guess it matches your personality.

  • roger

    Thanks guys for ruining Downton Abbey for us! Won’t be watching you again.

  • @roger Please refer to 20:20 of the first video. Thank you very much.

  • DJB

    I just want to know why did Tommy shave his arms? 🙁