Our Latest ‘Homorazzi’ Episode: A Slip Of The Tongue Has The Panel In Stitches

Having just aired on OUTtv last week, we’ve got the latest episode of our Homorazzi show to share with you and this one’s pretty funny. Given that it was a while ago that it was filmed, some of the content is a bit out of date but regardless, we’re pretty sure you’ll get a good laugh or two. The usual peeps make up the panel (From Left to Right: Tommy, Nic, Patrick and Adam.

In this episode, the cast talks about a few of their goals for 2013, as well as the latest in music, television, movies, and gay news. The cast also discusses their plans to attend WinterPRIDE 2013, which they did indeed end up doing this past weekend (stay tuned for pictures and video from the weekend).

Keep your eyes peeled for all of Adam’s eye rolls and one part where Patrick says something he didn’t intend to (something that sounded dirty but wasn’t supposed to) and the result is the whole crew bursting into laughter. Nic & Patrick have some serious trouble pulling it together after that.

Watch the episode below and subscribe to Canada’s LGBT television network OUTtv to watch new episodes as soon as they come out.

Homorazzi – Jan/Feb 2013

  • DouggSeven

    The fat one is kinda cute – until he opens his mouth…yikes. The one beside him can’t pull off the Clark Kent look – not handsome enough. The other two might as well be the same person – yawn.

    I couldn’t get past the 3:30 mark though.

  • I’m sorry my high screechy voice is everything.

  • tommy wouldn’t be tommy without his signature voice. it’s lovely.

  • Jeremy

    Tommy is my favorite. I watch the episodes to see him. He’s really attractive.