Behind the Cast: One Thousandth Article!!!


I’m so excited that we have 1000 freaking articles! That’s amazing! I never would have thought 6 months ago when we started the site that we’d have this many by now – so thank you to all of the cast and to all of the readers! I figured writing the 1000th article about it being the 1000th article would be better than trying to find a topic worthy of being the 1000th article, or trying to make sure that the article was amazeballs. That takes the pressure off – haha (meaning this article can suck).

So as you know, on Sunday’s we’re trying to be a bit more personal, so I’ve made my first video blog / confessional type thing today. I’ve kept it short & sweet, basically about my weekend in a nutshell.

  • bruin

    patrick you have like crazy sexy bedroom eyes. …only paid attention about the adam story which should be publicized!!! what happened?! tissues and bodily fluids oh my!

  • If I get arrested because of this video … i’m gonna take you to jail with me and use you as currency 😛
    “bedroom eyes” goes for 3 packs of cigs hehe.

    ps. fake being a LITTLE excited next time haha otherwise very good ya geek.