Hawt Topics is BACK!!! Well, sorta. This past Sunday night as the sun was setting, Jonny, Patrick, Nic and myself headed down to English Bay to film an episode of our still untitled weekly video group segment. Our previous name “Hawt Topics” drove me up the wall. At my previous position as VP of an online teem magazine, having a URL with a misspelling was such a hindrance in so many ways. With the new name, we are looking for something short, succinct yet catchy and fun- sounds like we’re asking for the world. Haha. I know when we hear it, we’ll know and immediately fall in love. Thanks so much for your previous suggestions and hope you keep them coming. We truly do appreciate it.

In this episode of the untitled show, we welcome our newest addition to the cast, Nic and other cast and site changes. Nothing groundbreaking but just something to get our feet wet again.