Homorazzi Hawt Topics: Upcoming LA Trip & Perceptions on HIV & AIDS


Check out this episode of Homorazzi Hawt Topics where the boys discuss an upcoming Homorazzi trip to LA and perceptions on HIV and AIDS. This week’s episode features host, Jonny Staub with Adam, Patrick, Tommy D, Landon and the voice of Donovan.

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  • Trish

    Oh you know how I love these “hawt topic” segments.
    OMG – Britney… AGAIN??!! Geez. Apparently Tommy was backstage and witnessed the whole thing. He knew all about her conversations with her dad, her feelings, etc.
    Anyway, this episode was sooooo much better. I think it’s because the adorable Adam was there. Cute lil man! I loved when Jonny touched Adam and Adam pulled away – priceless. I really don’t blame you, Adam.
    I want to apologize if some of my comments have been misread. I’m just providing feedback.
    This was fun to watch guys!

  • Nice work on this episode guys- I love the discussion about HIV/AIDS and the generational gap issue. That’s definitely an important topic for our community and even for the general population.

  • I was actually. I know Britney really well, we text each other everyday back and forth.

    If you actually listened to what I Was saying, you would know that I got that info from someone who worked backstage.

    Honestly, the more I read you comment, the more I think you’re actually Adam.

  • Trish = ADAM. Although it’s funny, when the cameras aren’t rolling, Adam has his hands all over me LMFAO 😉

  • gay person

    you guys should have like a monthly live segment at some gay bar…cause u alll are becoming celebrities i think, in the gay community…so then the rest of us can be like “OH GUESS WHAT … IM GOIN TO SEE HOMORAZZI AT “INSERT VENUE NAME” – IM SO EXCITED IM GOING TO GET THEM TO AUTOGRAPH MY “INSERT BODY PART”. and we can bring our WE LOVE U ADAM AND TOMMY signs.lol.
    anyways,these segements are awesome. thanks for all this.

  • gay person

    oh and i think im quickly feeling like a Homorazzi groupie slash OMG OMG OMG its HOMORAZZI! lol

  • It’s always nice to hear positive feedback gay person…there’s already enough hate in the world and you’re wonderful comments are very much appreciated by the cast. 🙂 thank you.

  • My arms are… wait, what’s the opposite of huge…? 😛

  • gay person


  • gay person

    and awwwww thx redd. -makes room for redd on poster-lol

  • LOL oh thanks

  • Jared

    I liked this segment, too. Jonny made me laugh (fan!), and now I’m wondering how old Landon is coming from the younger generation. And to “gay person”, I get excited too when I see cast members go to the club while I’m working lol. Anyway, I think these videos are fun, interesting, and a great way to meet the cast members. They could be longer in my opinion, so that we can get more in depth discussion and really get to see different sides of cast members. Other than that, I think you’re all doing an awesome job with this, and I’m semiaddicted (my hyphen key is melted :() to the site. Keep it up!

  • LOL – Jared, thank you for the awesome comment, it totally made me laugh when I read that your hyphen key is melted. I don’t know why I thought it was so funny… but I did!

  • Jared

    Coke spilt on my macbook. tried to dry it with a blowdryer… I KNOW!

  • Jared, Landon is only a “self-declared” member of the younger generation… i’ll let him tell you how old he is.. but to warn you: he doesn’t get ID’ed in the states anymore 😉
    hehehe sorry landon!

  • Wow Adam, you’re truly shown your jealous side on that last comment.
    (Adam just wishes he was part of my generation Jared)
    hehehe sorry adam! 😉

  • yes, I meant “you’ve”