Homorazzi Hawt Topics: Gay Marriage & Britney’s Concert


Check out this episode of Homorazzi Hawt Topics where the boys discuss current news about gay marriage in the US and Britney’s recent “smokin'” concert in Vancouver. This week’s episode features host, Jonny Staub with Brian, Dan, Kevin and Stephen

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  • Trish

    Ok. Considering my last comment was deleted, I’ll try to be careful as to what I say here.
    This was lame.
    Jonny – you’ve really got your hate on for Britney eh? Seriously, I think it’s time Vancouver moved on. If it was such a sub-standard show, why are you STILL talking about it?
    Kevin – I enjoy your commentary on the gay marriage debate both in your posts and in the video.
    The other three people in this video didn’t speak, so I suppose they were there for decorative purposes.
    My advice would be to include some of the more outspoken and/or intelligent posters on the site (sorry Jonny), such as Jamie, Tommy, Adam, and Rich.
    Thanks – hope this doesn’t offend the moderators.

  • Trish

    am i not allowed to leave comments anymore ?

  • Jonny

    No offense taken! Welcome to the world of opinions Trish 🙂

  • Tyson

    Whoa, Jonny! No wonder you’re on the radio dude! Lay off the fake ‘n bake! Crispy Chicken much?

    (Btw – “Trish” is hilarious. You should make her a regular)

  • Patience Trish. We take turns. You’ll get a shot at all of us at some point. I have a feeling you’re gonna love an upcoming episode. 😉 Thanks for keeping us on our toes!

  • Colby

    Well said, all, and especially to Stephen for making the point that even Canada didn’t embrace gay marriage. Parliament was dragged (almost) kicking and screaming into it by the courts. We’re not as enlightened as we like to pretend. Parliament, being elected, does what’s popular, whereas the courts, protectors of minority rights, do what’s right. The more Americans drag their governments into court to fight for gay rights, the more we’ll see them. After all, it did wonders to beat segregation.

  • Lol Tyson. It’s funny because I actually haven’t tanned since Jan 17th….check my points at the Yaletown tanning salon that I’m a member of 🙂

    I’ll share a little secret with you (shhhhh!): I have TV make up and know how to apply it. It came from my work over at BT/CITY TV in Edmonton prior to my transfer to Vancouver.