Homorazzi Update: Kevin’s Going Away Party


Ever since I was a kid, Labor Day has always signified new beginnings. It was the day to reflect on the past few months and prepare myself for the upcoming school year. For this reason, Labor Day has felt more of New Years Day than New Years itself- a time for me to start new resolutions and bring on the changes. It seems like change is in the air once again this year and hitting Homorazzi.com and a few of the cast members in a big way.

If you’re a regular reader of the site, you’ll know that the first of these changes affecting us is Homorazzi.com cast member Kevin‘s recent move to Toronto, Canada for his career. Two weekends ago, cast members Stephen & Dan threw Kevin a big going away party at Jamie‘s building’s party room. Friends from all over the Pacific Northwest trekked over to Vancouver to partake in the festivities. What ensued was a night filled of fun, drinking, reminiscing, dancing and other embarassing moments caught on film by Patrick and by camera by yours truly. Hope the video I edited captured exactly how much fun everyone had that night despite we were saying good-bye to one of our closest friends. Now that Kevin has moved to Toronto, expect to read some exciting articles about his latest adventures living in a new city.

Be sure to stay tuned in the next upcoming weeks when we ‘ll inform you about all the changes affecting some of your favorite cast members, including myself. Speaking of cast members, expect a few changes in our lineup as well since we’re expanding our global coverage. Are we adding cast member(s) ? Are we losing cast member(s)? Are more cast member(s) moving? Check back often to see what the Fall season brings to Homorazzi.com

For a high-def version of the video, click here.

  • HOMG. That video is BRILLIANT! Awesome work you guys. The party went so well, everyone had a great time. Kevin, you are missed!

  • Myna

    Forget the video, that picture is HAWT! *wink wink*

    oh Kevin, missing you in MAN Jose :(. I like you. I LIKE you like you. Thanks for making me your picture girlfriend.