Claire Danes Reveals ‘Homeland’ Ending After Season 8

Showtime hasn’t made it official yet, but Claire Danes revealed Season 8 of Homeland will be the last. The 39-year-old actress spilled the beans while on The Howard Stern Show.

“Yeah, that’s it,” she shared about whether Homeland would return beyond Season 8. She added, “I mean, I’ll be ready. She’s a lot, this Carrie-freakin’ Mathison character. She’s under constant duress. It’s a workout, so I’ll be ready for a reprieve from that. But, you know…I’ve never done anything this long. I mean, I’ve been married for as long. Maybe a year longer, but, you know.”

What can you expect on the last season of the award-winning drama? Showrunner Alex Gansa reveals to Entertainment Weekly that Season 8 will feature a big time jump and return back to its foreign intelligence roots, heading to an overseas setting.

“[Season 7 arranges] all the pieces on the chessboard to make that a proper finale for the story we’ve been telling,” Gansa told publication. “We get to play this last season in D.C with the intention of taking us overseas for one last chapter. Season 8 will be overseas somewhere. We get to play a story with larger national stakes in season 7 and we’ll go back to a smaller intelligence-based season in 8. We get to pull out all the stops this year and then get to the emotional heart of things in season 8.”

“We’re going to start fresh in season 8 and probably do a fairly big time jump between 7 and 8 and put any Trump parallels behind us,” Gansa says. “We’ll tell a very contained story, hopefully in Israel.”

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