You couldn’t pay me enough money to watch Tim Allen’s new sitcom. I’d rather sit through a marathon of Malibu Country instead of watching an episode of Last Man Standing. The ABC Friday night sitcom just seems like a poor man’s version of Home Improvement but with three daughters instead of sons. But for this mini-reunion, I might have to reconsider my stance on the comedy.

Allen managed to talk one of his former on-screen offspring to make a guest appearance on his new show. This reunion won’t be the first Home Improvement alum to stop by Last Man Standing. Earlier this season, Richard Karn who played Al Borland appeared on the show as an architect. Quite a step up from playing Tim’s Tool Time sidekick. Find out who the latest cast member to reunite with Allen is below.

No disrespect to Zachery Ty Bryan (Brad Taylor) or Taran Noah Smith (Mark Taylor), but I think Jonathan Taylor Thomas who played middle child Randy Taylor was probably his ultimate get. After all, Thomas was the most popular among the three boys. Can you believe the former teen heartthrob is turning 32 this year? Man, how time flies.

Thomas’ guest appearance is slated for late March or early April. He’ll play the manager of a restaurant where Tim’s daughter Kristin (Amanda Fuller) applies for a job. If you don’t watch the show, Kristin is the eldest of Tim’s three daughters who’s a single mother. So far, Jonathan is only booked for one episode, but if his character has romantic sparks with Tim’s daughter, I could see an extended gig.

Are you excited for former onscreen father and son reuniting on another ABC sitcom? If not, who were you hoping would pop by Last Man Standing? Are you watching Tim Allen’s new comedy? Sound off below.