Emma Stone Teases Jennifer Lawrence That J-Law’s ‘Easy A’ Audition Sucked During Roundtable Discussion

The Academy Awards are quickly approaching which means it’s time for The Hollywood Reporter to conduct their annual roundtable discussions. This one features actresses in the mix during this awards season- Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Jessica Chastian, Mary J. Blige, Allison Janney and Saoirse Ronan.

While each lady provided some interested tidbits, it was the banter between Lawrence and Stone that really fascinated me. They became BFFs when Woody Harrelson suggested they meet. He costarred with Lawrence in The Hunger Games and with Stone in Zombieland, and decided to give Stone Lawrence’s number. “She texted me that she got my number from Woody. I replied, ‘F— off!’ And we’ve been really good friends ever since,” Lawrence said.

When the moderator asked the ladies if there was a line from their movies that stuck with them, the conversation led to the funniest part of the discussion. Stone teased Lawrence that Jennifer lost the lead Easy A role because of her sucky audition. Read their banter below.

STONE: “Piss off, Quiznos.” That’s from Easy A. I shove a Quiznos guy and say, “Piss off, Quiznos.”

JANNEY: That’s awesome. I just watched it last night.

LAWRENCE: I auditioned for Easy A. I wanted it so bad.

STONE: Well, guess what? (Laughter.) You didn’t get it. You didn’t get it because you suck!

LAWRENCE: Outside!

For the rest of the conversation, head over to The Hollywood Reporter.