Mr. Man Reveals Hollywood’s Ten Biggest & Smallest Schlongs

Are you a size queen? If so, this post was tailor-made for you.

Mr. Man, the world’s most popular database for male celebrity nude scenes, is revealing the ten actors in Tinseltown who are more grow-ers than show-ers. After sorting thru more than 8,000 full frontal pics for their database, the Mr. Man team have become the consummate experts on the subject.

Below you’ll find the complete list of Hollywood’s biggest penises (in no particular order), along with a list of smallest schlongs.

Hollywood’s Biggest Penises

Ewan McGregor

Michael Fassbender

Jason Segel

Ben Affleck

Robert De Niro

Vincent Gallo

Colin Farrell

Liam Neeson

Omar Epps

Javier Bardem

Hollywood’s Smallest Schlongs

Terrence Howard

Jude Law

Eric Balfour

Kevin Heffernan

Shia LaBeouf

Tom Hardy

Leonardo DiCaprio

Eric Stoltz

Geoffrey Rush

Dennis Hopper

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  • Andrew Krylov

    Imagine the same thing about women. Leftists hypocrits.

  • Zac

    No need to imagine– men talk like this about women everywhere.

  • Andrew Krylov

    Don’t be stupid. You know what I meant. Men in mainstream media almost never say it. It would be called sexual objectification. I am so tired of your leftist bullshit. Go educate yourself and don’t waste my time with your stupidity.