Holiday Gift Guide 2009: For His Nerdy Side


Everyone’s got a nerdy side – but being a nerd is cool, right? Whether it’s the latest gadget he wants to play with or something that will help him be more organized in the new year, we’ve got a few ideas for you. Take a browse at a few of our recommendations that will help plug him into the future. As with other gift guides, be sure to check them often since we’ll be adding new items regularly right up until December 24th. Time to update your Christmas lists with a few more things!



Now this could be considered fashion…but Golla bags are also very practical. They have two types of laptop bags: “Easy” and “Function”. There are several designs to choose from, all upbeat and unique. They are available in 13? and 15? and have two compartments, one which is padded to protect the laptop and the other one for notebooks or whatever else. There are also a couple zipped pockets to keep things secure. The bags are easy to carry and durable, even in winter conditions. Some of the Function ones are geared towards men as well (the Grit and Cast casual bags). Aside from these laptop bags, they also have laptop bags (backpack style) that you should check out too!



Netbook – the next chapter in the world of the web. This device is the more compact, portable, and more affordable version of a laptop. Although it doesn’t have the full capabilities of a computer, it allows you to surf the web, keeping up with news and social networking, and much more. It’s the perfect supplement to his home compute at the perfect price!

  • BEST FEATURE: It’s the perfect size for you to take anywhere! So light!
  • MSRP: $299.99
  • Website:



Say what?! The most innovative USB microphone on the market – the ultimate tool for creating amazing, clear recordings and putting them directly on the computer. Have you got your Yeti yet?



No pen or paper needed for this Mother Nature approved ecofriendly clutter reducing desk or counter top accessory. Simply jot notes with the smooth-writing stylus and the slidebar can erase notes instantly he can start fresh. It even has a solar batter operated clock/calendar!



Freaking cool. This portable multimedia pico projecture allows him to project from handheld devices such as iPhones and iPods. It takes projection out of boardrooms and theaters and into the palm of his hands. All the other kids at the office will want one.

  • BEST FEATURE: It’s like a movie projector in the palm of your hand. Show everyone your photos at once, rather than having to pass around your phone!
  • MSRP: $349
  • Website:



The best versatile bag organizer ever! There are endless configurations that allow him to neatly organize his digital devices, cords, supplies….you get the idea! Help him go into the new year mess and stress free with a Grid-It! insert for his bag! You won’t regret it – you’ll re…Grid-it!



Another goodie in desktop design, this business card holder (or notes, letters, recipes, whatever!) will help keep him stylish and organized at the office. It is constructed of tightly wound steel coil, which imitates the shape of an unfolded fan – a traditional Japanese symbol of prosperity. Now that’s a thoughtful gift!