Holiday Gift Guide 2009: For His Inner Child

Yes, I know some people start getting into the Christmas spirit the Friday after Thanksgiving, and some begin once Halloween is over… but for me, it officially begins on December 1st. To officially kick off the shopping mayhem, we will begin unveiling our 2009 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE as of today. All this week we will be showcasing our various categories suggesting gifts for the guy who has everything. As a side note, be sure to check them often as we’ll be updating the gift guides on a regular basis to help all you shoppers up until December 24th. Happy shopping boy and girls!



Let’s face it, those stock headphones that come with iPhones, iPods or other MP3 players are pretty stank. They don’t last for very long and usually don’t maximize the music player’s technical capabilities. Let’s face it, boys love their toys and listening to loud bass-thumping music is usually par for the course. Enter SkullCandy with its extensive product line that would satisfy your dude’s needs. Whether you’re looking for discreet ear sets or for some flashy eye-catching over the ear headphones, SkullCandy has got you covered. They even have a line featuring your favorite NBA basketball team. Seriously, how rad would someone look walking down the street with a pair of those over-sized graphic pieces. Let him tune you out in style and forget the candy cane- this year, it’s Skull Candy.

We love this product so much, we’ll be doing an individual product review later on this week. We’ll be highlighting our favorite designs and styles.

  • BEST FEATURE: They literally have every type of design to suit anyone’s fashion sense; you really can’t go wrong.
  • MSRP: Earbuds: $19.95 – $94.95, On Ear: $24.95-$39.95, Over Ear: $49.95-$149.95
  • Website:



This is so cute…when you aren’t there to keep him warm, his teddy will (literally!) Heat up this teddy bear in the microwave for a minute and snuggle up for hours. Don’t worry, he’s microwave-safe. It even has a lavendar scented filling to make him feel great. A totally cute updated version of his teddy 🙂



Let’s face it, we never really outgrow board games nor do we ever really lose our competitive spirit. Nothing gives guys a better feeling than showing their friends how much more useless facts they have then them. This ever-changing classic trivia game has been reinvented once again and is more fun and interactive than its predecessor. With fun new categories and team format, you and your teammate(s) can enjoy the game no matter how much you know. He’ll love the modern twist on this must have game!

  • BEST FEATURE: Either win as a team or lose as one. New multiple choice option makes it easier for those with more brawn than brains.
  • MSRP: $29.99



A remember a few years ago, an ex-girlfriend of mine (yes, I Donovan of dated girls eons ago) gave me a Corona gift box set for Christmas. Up until that point, I never even thought of giving alcohol as a gift. But, really, it’s a perfect non-thinking/thoughtful gift. Til this day, I still have that Corona bottle opener it came with it. So what is “Beer of the Month”? It’s exactly what it sounds like- receive beer, once a month. Whether you select the domestic or international package, this special guy will get twelve bottles of beers every month. It’s the gift for the man’s man, but with a classy and certainly unique twist. It’ll bring out that underage teenager in all of us, trying to sneak in our first taste of brew.



Yes, we already featured other headphones but we simply couldn’t resist these ones approved by Lady Gaga: the style came from Gaga herself. Paparazzi/onlookers will be giving him a double take with these stylish, high-performance headphones, inspired by the breakthrough artist. All you ladies reading this, don’t fret because even straight boys are in love with “The Fame Monster”. The headphones come in three different flavours: bright chrome, black chrome and the signature rose red. The ear pieces are the perfect fusion of sound and fashion. He’ll certainly be wanting your Bad Romance with this prezzie!



Another twist on a classic game. Pictionary Man™ combines the classic game of Pictionary™ with charades- resulting in hilarious results. You get your clues from the bottom of the Pictionary Man that help you draw and act out what you need your teammates to guess. Upgraded with the addition of electronic clues and interactive accessories, he’ll enjoy exploring his creative side in a new way. And, the Pictionary Man looks absolutely adorable- he reminds me of the KidRobot Munny. Perfect for the boy’s next games night!

There you have our suggestions to satisfy the man in your life’s inner child. Be sure to check back often to keep up with all our gift recommendations for this holiday season.