Adam’s Brit Singer Pick: Hobbie Stuart

This boy is CUTE. If you’re from across the pond and into pop and acoustic covers you’ve more than likely heard your fair share about this boy, but there might be something new for the rest of us to learn about here so please, indulge us! Hobbie Stuart is a relatively new singer out of Brighton, England who is just absolutely killing it with his covers and subtle mash ups of today’s biggest songs. Introduced to me by one of my more music-forward (and very muscled and I do believe single and living in NY just FYI) friends, Scott, through a random weekday post on his fb wall, I first fell hard for this high-pitched youngin’ listening to his recent cover of Miley Cyrus‘ “We Can’t Stop” mixed in with “Best I Ever Had” and “Crew Love” by Drake. The original song (now nearly ruined by twerking for me) is revitalized and given a poetic and romantic depth that Miley wouldn’t ever have dreamed of adding to it. It had me from note two (don’t worry, I’ll attach it after the jump!).

What matters for me is not the kid’s cute looks (he’s 23-years old, so too young for me) but damn does this half-Brazilian pull off an amazing boy-next-door- rather, it’s his musical mind that sees fit to combining unexpected current hits to produce something altogether new sounding… oh, and awesome. His voice- you’ll hear- is not the typical booming bass or even tenor but hits the high notes in a nearly prepubescent manner that wavers ever so slightly as he creeps the top of his registry to guarantee you the balls have dropped: he just REALLY knows what he’s doing! He’s got a couple dozen covers out there on YouTube and it’s actually hella hard to find anything on him except for a few interviews, so whatever little I can do to help propel his name out there, I’m up for it. You’ve got to read on and hear this kid take on huge names like Rihanna, Adele and more and look very good while doing it.

It’s funny watching his older stuff to his more recent videos because Stuart is still at an age where his look is changing day to day and he REALLY grows into himself by the time we get to the more current Miley Cyrus video and he moves out of the studio where he films most his videos and exposes himself (and his “footie” skills) to the camera. I just love what this kid is taking on and wish him all the best and am sure he’ll be producing his own album soon enough. Let me know what you think!

Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop (cover)

Rihanna – Diamonds (cover)

Adele – Someone Like You (cover)