Here’s A Hilarious Approach For Marriage Equality, Straight Men Take Notice

Props to College Humor for coming up with a hilarious and unique argument for marriage equality. Rather than using well-thought out points and facts to appeal to those opposed to same-sex marriage, why not take an aggressive approach. Scare the bejesus out of straight boys by hitting them where it counts… their sex life.

In the clip below, several homos explain why stealing straight boys’ girlfriends would be an ease. Why? Simple. The gays love to cook “a mother-f*cking quiche with a side of hummus” or take an urban tango dance class. Plus, we have power to get in to all the coolest art galleries because we know the owner, Maurice. To quote one of the guys, we can “play your girlfriend like an upright bass“.

My favorite guy in the clip is the one wearing a pink shirt whilst gardening. He delivers zinger after zinger including one involving going to Pinkberry after a hard gym workout. But my favorite is when he compares straight boys to Death Stars and the gays as an army of fabulous Luke Skywalkers. LOL. Definitely watch the clip. I guarantee, it’ll make you chuckle several times.

Why no one thought of this approach is beyond me? Whoever came up with this hilarious idea for a sketch at College Humor deserves a job over at Saturday Night Live. Given that this season has been a little off with the departures of Kristin Wiig, Adam Samberg and Abby Elliot, they could use all the help they can get. Don’t you agree? Sound off below.

  • Rob

    jajaja that is so cool =D

  • Ahmad

    agreeed its one of the funniest videos ive seen in a long time

    id definetly sy its better than any skit snl did this season