Henry Golding Becomes First Asian Man To Snag GQ ‘Men Of The Year’ Cover

To say Henry Golding had a breakout year would be an understatement. Not only did he star in the smash hit Crazy Rich Asians, but also co-starred with Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick in the well-reviewed A Simple Favor. The 31-year-old British Malaysian actor punctuates his sensational year by snagging a GQ Men Of The Year cover and being named “Star Of The Year.”

“When Crazy Rich Asians hit theaters this summer, Hollywood held its breath waiting for the box office results, but anyone who knew anything about … well, anything, could’ve predicted it’d be the smash it was,” the magazine wrote. “Beyond its success — and what a success it was — it minted Henry Golding as one of the industry’s must-hire new actors, and for good reason: He’s handsome, he’s suave, and that accent. A nation swooned, and GQ did too.”

Golding is the first Asian man to land a Men Of The Year cover since the publication started the year-end tradition 23 years ago. Congrats to Henry for this trailblazing achievement. It’s no secret that Western mainstream media has historically emasculated Asian men.

The publication also honored two other men and a woman for their year-end honors. Michael B. Jordan was given the honor of “Leader of the Year,” while Seth Rogen and Serena Williams snatched up “Director Of The Year” and “Champion Of The Year” respectively. Check out their covers below.

For more, head over to GQ.com.

  • Jason Paul

    Jonah Hill. Ha ha, this is just like the SNL skit when he hosted the other week.