Henry Cavill Is All About R-E-S-P-E-C-T

If anyone can create peace in the Middle East, it’s Henry Cavill. Due to his diplomacy skills, the Man of Steel managed to mend fences between the three little pigs and the Big Bad Wolf during his stint on Sesame Street. Along with Elmo, he teaches them all about respect. Cue Aretha Franklin belting. The lesson ends with a group hug. Who knew the Brit was into group action with piggies 😉

Thanks to Zac Efron and now Cavill, I get at little eye candy while babysitting my niece. A grown man can handle only so much Dora the Explorer. I just want to knock that beyotch out 😉 Watch Cavill teach a life lesson below.

Sesame Street: Henry Cavill & Elmo teach Respect to the Big Bad Wolf

  • JMC

    Spell closet!

  • Brian

    Far too adorable.

  • Don

    Henry IS the next James Bond.