Simply too much. Too hot. Too sexy. Too handsome. Those lips, that hair, those piercing eyes. Henry Cavill is too good-looking for his own good.

The 30-year-old just oozes manliness on the cover of Details June/July 2013 issue and in the “Waiting For Superman” editorial inside. I think it’s his hottest cover to date. What I would’ve given to step into photographer Mark Seliger’s shoes for that day. “Okay Henry, just unbutton another button.” Did I just go there? I’m going to stop myself before I become an even bigger blabbering fool. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy.

“When I found out I got the part, I was home playing World of Warcraft. I had to play it cool. But the second we hung up, I just sprinted up and down my stairs cheering and whooping like a madman. I kept looking in the micro, going, ‘I don’t believe it. I’m Superman.’”- Henry Cavill