What Do Adele & Henry Cavill Have In Common With Chris Brown?

That’s probably three people you didn’t expect to see in the same sentence? At first glance, you don’t think they have much in common and you’d be correct. Henry Cavill and Adele are both from the UK, while Chris Brown is American. With that mind though, both Adele and Brown are musicians. The “Rolling In The Deep” singer has beaten Rihanna for Grammys and Chris has beaten… You can fill in the blanks.

The one thing all three of these celebrities share is the same birthday. Yuppers, they’re all Cinco de Mayo babies. I wonder if they celebrate the Mexican-themed holiday across the pond. Adele turns 25, Brown notches up to 24, while Cavill enters his dirty thirties. I’d like to enter his dirty thirties 😉

Yes, this is a completely random post, but when I saw that all three shared the same birthday. I just had to write about it. With this new found knowledge, I’m going to do something to honor each of them today. I’m naming my soon-to-be whacked pinata Chris Brown. To celebrate Adele, I’ll enjoy her tracks for the umpteenth time and with regards to Cavill… I’ll watch Immortals and it’s not for the storyline. I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.

Anyone celebrating a birthday today? Enjoying any Cinco de Mayo parties? Sound off below.