After picking high fashion models for my Model Behavior the past couple of weeks, I’m giving you some delicious man candy beefcake this week. Currently, Brian and I are in beautiful Brussels, Belgium. Saying this city is beautiful is an absolute understatement. It’s amazingly picturesque here. Equally as eye-catching, is this week’s pick, Henny Seroeyen. Hope you’re enjoying my European edition of my Model Behavior feature.

Seroeyen is a fitness model from Belgium, the land of mussels and frites and Stella Artois beer (yum). Judging by Henny’s extremely lean body, it’s obvious he doesn’t partake in anything I just mentioned. Why does beer have to be so fattening? In addition to posing in front of the camera, the Flemish stud is also a personal trainer. If he can guarantee me a body like his, I’d hire him in a second.

According to his Model Mayhem profile, Henny is very sporty. He enjoys climbing, running, biking, Martial arts, close combat, and swimming to keep his body in ultimate shape. Whatever it takes to get that bod, I approve. Check out more of this sumptuous beefcake’s shirtless photos below.

Henny Seroeyen Model Stats

Height: 5’11”
Waist: 37
Suit: 40R
Shoe: 9
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown

There are more ripples on his stomach than in the water. Must be nice.

Someone looks like they’re doing something a little naughty on the left.

Just chillin’ and relaxing on the couch.

He looks like Clark Kent about to transform into Superman. Fly away.

Yup, he models clothes too. It should be a crime to cover up that amazing body.

I love my jeans, but not as much as Henny does.

Her certainly loves posing with his arm up. I guess it’s a better way to show off the guns.

Speaking of guns. He’s got some sexy ammunition. Fire away.

Awww, dogs love him. Is it wrong that I’m jealous of that lucky bitch getting to lick Henny all over?

While in Brussels, I’ve been eating way too much mussels and frites. I wonder if Henny ever indulges in that to maintain a body like this. Probably not… :(