Heidi & Spencer: Wacko Watch


They’re bratty, spoiled newlyweds that we just can’t seem to get away from. Stars of The Hills, Heidi & Spencer Pratt are doing anything and everything for the fame. From cheesy pop singles with poorly self-produced music videos to staged paparazzi spectacles with fame whore Perez Hilton to being two of the 11 competitors in “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!”, they are doing what they can. I’ve decided to keep track of their craziness because as annoying they are, people can’t seem to get enough of their absurdity – for the time being at least.

June 7th – TMZ reports that Heidi Pratt had to be rushed to the hospital after suffering from a Gastric Ulcer after a few stressful days of filming the show. Speidi are claiming they were tortured but of course their entire experience is filmed so they’ll have a hard time proving that. The producers of the show are furious with them.

June 4th – We find out tonight if Heidi & Spencer are going to be back in tonight.

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June 3rd – The show goes on without them, but in a twist, the hosts announce that the two regret their decision to leave the show and that they were being selfish and the devil made them do it. I swear they get crazier every day. Heidi doesn’t even seem to have a mind of her own! In order to come back onto the show, they have to spend the night in the creepy creature infested pitch black cabin, and then if the rest of the ensemble votes to have the come back in, they’ll be back. We find out tomorrow whether or not they’ll be back in.

June 2nd – Speidi leaves the show after they competed against each other in a challenge that had them locked in a dark cabin with cockroaches, rats, snakes, and more with the objective of finding as many hidden stars as possible. Spencer ended up winning, but after returning to camp, they decide to announce to everyone that they can’t handle it and Spencer says he’s “too rich and too famous for this.” They get driven off with Spencer’s last words, “I don’t volunteer, I get paid!”

June 1st – Newlyweds, Heidi & Spencer Pratt embark on the Reality TV Game Show, “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!” The show centers around them as they adjust poorly to a life without luxurious. Heidi even has a melt down in front of camera during a confessional. Heidi can’t stop putting hairspray in her hair and appears to be incapable of surviving without being by Spencer’s side at every moment.