Heidi Montag: Officially Superficial (Duh)


Unfortunately, she’s still at it, and unfortunately I like some of the songs – as hard as that may be to admit. Her 12 song album is officially available on iTunes tomorrow for $9.99. I expect some “she’s everything wrong with the music industry today” from Tommy for this one (cuz you know, I’m not listening to Susan Boyle on my iPod at the gym). Really, I do agree in this case that she is everything wrong with the music industry: She’s totally manufactured, she can’t even sing, but at the end of the day if I like the beat to the song, and it’s catchy, generally I could careless who sang it. That’s how the music industry works now. You don’t have to be good, because they can make you sound good. It probably doesn’t even have to be your own voice – haha! She’ll never be taken seriously, but I’m fine with listening to a song of hers here and there for a week until I get sick of it.

She’s as Superficial as her album title, and she’s not ashamed of it. I mean, her and her hubby, Spencer, recently came out with the book “How To Become Famous,” she performed on Miss Universe, and she and Spencer have certainly maintained their media attention, be it negative or positive (always negative) – which they earn a living from, on top of their fake The Hills barfalicious life.

I haven’t heard the rest of the album yet, but here are some of the catchy tunes from the bimbo’s album that I have heard…



Just heard this song today, and I kinda like it. I guess all of her songs have to do with Paparazzi, etc. because that is basicially her and Spencer’s entire world.

Body Language

I will admit it that like 6 months ago when this song came out, it was at that time (thanks to Donovan figuring it out) my most played song on iTunes. Embarassing. Very. But, I got sick of it after a while – as I did The Hills.


Okay,the lyrics in this song are really barfy, but I love the beat, etc. “It’ isn’t fair, that I wear diamonds for breakfast, and I know this isn’t helping….They say I’m superficial, some call me a bitch. They just mad cause I’m sexy, famous, and I’m rich. I rock the latest fashion and I set the latest trends. Girls say I’m conceited, but they really wanna be me…” Yeah, I know – trashy, huh? LOL.

More Is More (Dave Aude Remix)

I put this up becaus the remix is MUCH better than the original. Another good one for the dancefloor, but probably my least favorite of the four I’ve posted.

PS: Did you know we were “at” the Speidi wedding? Haha.

  • Total auto-tune…. but yeah if the beat is good and the remix even better I don’t really care who did or didn’t sing it.

  • Braden

    What is wrong with this woman? We medicate people for less issues..

  • Jared

    Well, watching her is enough to make me hurl and a preggers mom give premature birth. Therefore, I choose not to listen to any trash manufactured for or by her for fear that I may permanently damage my ears (especially after the initial damage done by her during “I’m a celebrity… get me outta here”). In terms out what’s wrong with the music industry, ya I’d agree with Tommy that Kesha’s a good example of that. Montag is just an example of what’s wrong with young, spoiled, narcissistic, rich kids thinking they can buy their way through everything. Paris Hilton had a better run.

  • Hahaha, yes… there IS a lot wrong with Heidi Montag. I think even Paris Hilton would agree with that.

  • For someone to marry a douchebag…. clearly there is something wrong with her. LOL

  • Harlequin

    I think someone needs to go tell Kesha to throw up in this girls closet too.