Heidi Montag Performs at the Miss Universe Pageant 2009


It was the 2009 Miss Universe Pageant last night, and Heidi Montag, of The Hills performed her single, Body Language. I have to admit, I do like the song. I’ve been listening to it for a while – but I just pretend it’s not actually Heidi Montag that I’m listening to. Recently, she has been in tabloids for her Playboy shoot, and prior to that she and her husband Spencer Pratt embarrassed themselves on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here!

It actually wasn’t bad (it could have been worse) and I have to say she has a pretty nice body, after all of the work she’s had done.


Of the 84 contestants competing at Atlantis Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas, Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez took home the title of Miss Universe.

  • Yes it’s all sorts of wrong but Heidi WTF is up with the shoes? I mean seriously? Learn how to fucking dance in heels! If Britney could do it highly intoxicated/medicated during The VMAs back in 2007 you should be able to as well. PS.. Is that Britney’s recycled outfit from the Toxic video?

  • Brett

    I’m interested to hear how exactly you think it could have been worse? Possibly if she’d vomited on stage. I nearly vomited on my laptop though…does that count?

    The choreography was terrible and she could barely even do it – she has zero rhythm or movement style. Add on that she is a complete waste of time and space, I’m not sure why anyone is putting up with her anymore. I’ve never even seen The Hills and I hate her guts. The song is only passable because it samples an amazing song (Situation by Yazoo.) On that note – why not listen to “If This Is Love” by The Saturdays instead?