Heidi Montag: Funny or Die Video


Funny or Die? Well, if I had my choice… I choose DIE. Yes, I once was a fan of “The Hills” and at one point found Heidi and Spencer entertaining on the show, but that was THEN and this is NOW. At first their staged paparazzi pics were sorta ingenious and entertaining but then, their obnoxious behavior and self-entitlement went overboard and their antics got annoying real fast. What finally sealed the deal was their inexplicable and extremely awful “performances” on the latest seasons of “The Hills” and “I’m A Celebrity…”. Finally, I was officially done with the reality pair.

So, if I hate them so much, why am I taking the time to use my valuable time and valuable Homorazzi internet real estate to talk about their latest publicity stunt? Because I’m dumbfounded on how they roped respected filmmaker, Ron Howard, to direct this piece of poo. Sure it’s beautifully shot, but it’s not very funny. I mean, I have to give Howard a bit of slack since he isn’t a miracle worker with magical acting fairy dust that he can sprinkle on the big-breasted and untalented. But seriously, I would expect more from the former child star ginger and the funny folks at FunnyorDie.com. Here’s what Heidi told People on working with the talented director:

“I was honored to work with the amazing Ron Howard…. He was even more incredible than I could have imagined – kind, generous and made me feel so comfortable – he made me feel confident in my talent.”

In the video, Montag and her huge breasts (WOW, I knew she got them enhanced but I didn’t realize how much so) urges Congress to adopt financial reform policies and to form a consumer agency to stop financial institutions from being greedy sons of bitches. Apparently all kidding aside, this video parody is actually part of a legitimate movement for a consumer protection agency. Who knew Heidi was so political? And more importantly, why would they want Heidi to help support their cause?

Truthfully, did you find it funny? And is there some correlation with Heidi’s breasts and Spencer’s weight? It seem though as her boobies get bigger, Spencer is getting skinnier. He looks unnervingly anemic and thin in his cameo. Weigh in below.