Heidi Montag’s Interview With ‘Access Hollywood Live’: Old Heidi Is Back!

Yesterday, former The Hills star Heidi Montag did an interview with Access Hollywood Live and discussed her extreme plastic surgery and what her thoughts are on all of it now.

In case you don’t remember, the now 26-year old had gone under 10 plastic surgeries in one day back in 2010. This was at the “height” of her fame, when she and her husband Spencer Pratt couldn’t get enough of the spotlight.

This is the first interview I’ve seen with Heidi Montag where she seems back to her old self again, and actually looks a lot more human than she did a couple years ago as well. It seems that her time away from the spotlight has helped ground herself and really reflect on the person she was becoming, on the inside and out. She also talks about the money situation (and lack thereof) and how she got involved with the Strip Club in Las Vegas. Watch the interview below. So glad to see her so down to earth and level headed these days.

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  • JC

    Good to see her looking pretty much back to normal. The opening clip from interview in 2010 is disturbing, she’d looked dead in the eyes.

  • Rob

    Heidi and Lauren were the Paris and Nicole of the day
    hope she do more stuff and film more videos. They were awful but so funny to watch