Which Halloween Costume Is Heidi Klum’s Best? How Does Her 2018 Outfit Measure Up?

One celebrity who goes above and beyond for Halloween is Heidi Klum. The German supermodel is unofficially the queen of the ghoulish holiday due to her annual Halloween party and her uncanny ability to outdo herself each year with her costumes. Halloween isn’t complete until we’ve seen Klum in all her regalia.

Without fail, she’s able to concoct innovate and stunningly jaw-dropping concepts. The transformations she pulls off are truly remarkable. Not surprisingly, she’s wowed us again with her 2017 concoction. She paid homage to a legendary singer.

See below a visual anthology of her Halloween get-ups and weigh in if her latest one stacks up. Be sure to cast your vote for your favorites afterward.

Heidi Klum’s Halloween Costumes

2018 – Fiona & Shrek

We’ve seen plenty of celebs dress up as Fiona over the years, but Heidi just might be one of the best. To accessorize her look, she corralled her boyfriend Tom Kaulitz to dress up as Shrek and even had a carriage full of ogre babies. That’s commitment.

2017 – Michael Jackson Thriller

As a huge fan of MJ and his iconic “Thriller” music video, naturally, I’m obsessed with her werewolf costume. Apparently, it took more than 10 hours in the makeup chair to achieve the look. Time well spent. The result is nothing short of outstanding. I wonder if she worked on the iconic choreography to go along with her killer costume.

2016 – Heidi Clones

Based on social media feedback, Klum missed the mark this year. Many called her clone army of lookalikes disappointing. Sure, Heidi’s nude-coloured patterned bodysuit with metallic studs is simple and not nearly as complex as in previous years, but the concept is quite brilliant if you think about it. No matter how hard you try to copy the German supermodel, you can’t top the original. Amen to that!!! Or whatever they say in Germany 😉


2015 – Jessica Rabbit

10 hours!!! That’s reportedly how long it took Heidi to transform into animation’s ultimate sex symbol. Huge prosthetic boobs and an apple bottom behind were placed on Klum’s slender frame to emulate Jessica Rabbit’s va-va-voom figure. Definitely one of my favorites.


2014 – Butterfly

The German supermodel morphed into a psychedelic butterfly for her 2014 choice. The wings were breathtaking. Definitely worthy of being included in a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. I wonder if Klum misses her Angel-wing wearing days? Ergo the idea for this costume.


2013 – Old Heidi

Typically, ladies love to slut it up for Halloween. Everything is a sexy this or a sexy that. To be fair, Heidi is still one sexy grandmother. Prior to unveiling her costume, she tweeted that she was “going into the future.” This wasn’t the futuristic costume I envisioned, but I like it.

2012 – Isis

Perhaps Klum was inspired by Britney Spears’ perfume ad this year. The “Toxic” singer chose to dress like an famous Egyptian for her commercial and Heidi did the same for her annual Halloween party. This frock was designed by Martin Izquierdo.

2011 – Dead Body

She truly outdid herself this year. She arrived at her annual party on a gurney pushed by two blood-spattered doctors. She looks like she belongs in “BODIES…The Exhibition”.

2010 – Cyborg

She’s more than meets the eye. Klum transformed herself into a robot complete with hydraulic crane shoes. For once, she towered over her then-hubby Seal.

2009 – Raven

Simply ravenous as a black raven. Had this been the year before, it could’ve easily passed for “black swan”.

2008 – Hindu Goddess

Her decision to dress as the Hindu goddess Kali drew criticism from members of the Hindu religion. Personally, I love the concept. She made blue-skin chic a year before Avatar did.

2007 – Sexy Cat

Meow. She makes one sexy feline. It’s the attention to details that makes her costumes stand out. Her ID tag read, “If Found, Please Return to Seal.” Brilliant.

2006 – Garden of Eden

Loved her take on Adam & Eve’s Garden of Eden with this snake and apple hybrid costume. Pure genius. Plus, it covered up the fact she was eight months pregnant at the time.

2005 – Vampire

Long before the Twilight and Vampire Diaries bandwagon, Klum was a blood-sucking vamp. A super sexy one at that.

2004 – Red Witch

Scary. She’s a red witch. Yeah, don’t really get it either. Not one of my favorites.

2003 – Metallic Alien

Klum made a very splashy entrance when she arrived to her party via UFO this year. She’s sure one busty gold metallic extraterrestial.

2002 – Betty Boop

In a more traditional straight-up costume, Klum went retro and channeled Betty Boop for her third annual Halloween party. “Boop-Oop-A-Doop”

2001 – Lady Godiva

Wearing a bejeweled bodysuit and a super-long blonde wig, Heidi galloped to her party. Being Halloween, she added a touch of blood coming from her mouth to make Lady Godiva more edgy.

2000 – Gothic Fraulein

It’s only fitting for her inaugural party, she paid homage to her German roots. She dressed up as a fraulein but with a gothic edge.

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  • richard

    That’s not a cyborg, it’s Galactus and the silver surfer… which is pretty bad ass…

  • Yves

    Hindu Goddess and Dead Body tops it.

  • Curtis

    I think it’s a mouse, not a cat.

  • ManuConce

    I think this year’s costume is Isis, an Egyptian goddess, wife and sister of Osiris and mother of Horus.

  • Nozuka

    2013 is my favourit. but most of them are great.

    butterfly has the wrong year i assume.

  • Abi

    Hindu Goddess is just plain offensive! Cultural appropriation, so wrong!!!!