Hey there Homorazzians: Last weekend I was reminded how much I want a new pair of headphones. It’s not that my current pair aren’t still kick’n it… More to do with the cool new ear “accessories” that are on the market for our listening and fashion enjoyment!!

Okay, my love affair for Skull Candy started about a year ago; at the time they had some of the first headphones available that were compatible with my FAVORITE accessory… the iPhone!!!! Microplug, microphone/remote, Full metal Jacket (FMJ) beauties with excellent sound to boot!! No one else could get it right. I read review after review on-line which urged me to buy the earbuds which facilitated the soundtrack for the past year of my life.

Okay, there’s the history, and the future just keeps getting better. I love my FMJ iPhone set, but the gym is not the quite the right place for such an accessory. Since I have a renewed love of myself (PS. I am starting to get older and realize the whole “cute” thing isn’t working anymore), I’ve been going to the gym a lot more. So, once again I hit the street in search of the best headphones for my daily workout. How far we’ve come in just the past year! Every manufacturer has a microplug, microphone, iPhone compatible model. They’re cheaper, lighter, dare I say it Sexier! Am I still talking about headphones? Yes!

Okay, here’s what I’ve tried so far:

headphones-1-nike-flightNike Flight Headphones:
Rating 4/10. Price $20 USD.

  • Likes: Wraps behind the head and stays on very well without messing up the hair. Micro plug is compatible with all iPods, phones, etc.
  • Dislikes: Sound Quality was poor. The Cord was too short to put your iPhone/Pod on the bike or treadmill so it has to stay in your pocket or clipped onto your person. The white turned yellowish quickly. And, they only lasted a couple of months before they quit working all together.
headphones-2-sony-s2Sony S2 Sport Headphones:
Rating 6/10. Price $19.99 USD.

  • Likes: Great in the ear fit. Never falls off. Excellent Value for the price.
  • Dislikes: Style! These are some very ugly headphones and they mess up your hair with the over the top headband. The plug on my pair isn’t compatible with the iPhone. I think the ones being sold now have probably been updated, but I am going based on the description on Sonystyle.
headphones-3-skull-candy-chopsSkull Candy Chops Over the Ear buds:
Rating 9/10. Price $24.95 USD.

  • Likes: Fit!! They are the best fitting headphones I have ever worn to the gym. Great cord length! Sound quality is killer!
  • Dislikes: Cord. I wish they had a more tangle free cord like the FMJ.
headphones-4-sony-mdrSony MDR-AS40Ex Over the Ear buds:
Rating 1/10. Price: $39.99 USD.

  • Likes: There is a short cord with an extension: very versatile.
  • Dislikes: Everything else. These are the worst headphones by far I have ever owned. Sound quality, fit, etc. are all sub-standard.
headphones-5-appleApple iPod/iPhone Headphones (included with device):
Rating 6/10. Price $ FREE with iPod/Phone.

  • Likes: Free with your device. Excellent Warranty (Apple will replace at the Genius Bar, no questions asked, for the first year). Sound is decent. Fit is decent. Style is decent.
  • Dislikes: Basically useless in the gym or doing anything active as they fall out of the ear easily. You have to turn them up loud to drown out the sounds of the rest of the world.
headphones-6-skull-full-metalSkull Candy Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Earbuds:
Rating 9/10. Price $69.95 USD/$79.95 USD (iPhone).

  • Likes: Everything I ever wanted in an earbud style headphone! The sound quality is exceptional. My pair has the mic/remote for the iPhone which works perfectly!
  • Dislikes: They are not suitable for the gym.

To summarize: Skull Candy takes the cake! So let your sweet tooth take control of your listening experience and head to your favorite Snowboard shop, Best Buy, or Online and Charge IT!

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