Looking got off to a slow start but definitely found its stride midway through its first season. Clearly viewers agreed as well. The drama’s week-to-week numbers grew, prompting the network to renew it. Anyone else extremely excited to see the boys of the Castro back on television? I have a feeling the series will be even better for its second lap.

With the HBO show returning tonight for its sophomore season, I thought it was the perfect time to pit the photogenic and extremely sexy cast against each other again in my Who’d You Rather battle which I posted last year.

I’ve limited the poll only to series regulars Jonathan Groff, Frankie J. Alvarez and Murray Barlett and recently promoted cast members Russell Tovey and Raul Castillo. If I were to include guest stars, T.J. Linnard who played the escort CJ would win hands down. WOOF!!! Glad I got that off my chest ;) Check out my rankings below and be sure to cast your votes in the poll.

Ranking The Men Of Looking

5. Frankie J. Alvarez

The reason why Alvarez ranks so low on my list is because his character Augustin is my least favorite by far. Does he even have one redeeming quality? He had a supportive boyfriend and decent job but threw it all away. Hopefully, writers make him more likeable next season.


4. Jonathan Groff

The cast is riddled with so much hotness, the main star only comes in fourth place in my book. Groff’s character Patrick really grew on me and I find him absolutely adorkable, but he kinda looks like a boring lay. No? He definitely has BFF potential but perhaps not BF material.


3. Murray Barlett

The second I saw Dom in the bathhouse I was in mad lust. In terms of sexual prowess, I actually think he’s probably the best at it, but he has too many issues and baggage for my liking. On a side note, did you know Barlett guest starred on Sex and the City. He played that cute gay guy Carrie went to Bungalow 8 with. It’s amazing how much a mustache changes his look.


2. Raul Castillo

The trick that stuck around. We’ve all had one of these before. I don’t blame Patrick for letting Richie stay though. Dude is fine. While I prefer him with facial hair, he looks delicious without as well. The last two episodes really made him much more endearing. His last scene in the season finale almost broke my heart. The way he poured his heart to Patrick was almost too much.


1. Russell Tovey

It was a tough call between first and second place, but I gave the edge to Patrick’s boss Kevin. There’s something deliciously dirty about him. His first kiss with Patrick in the bathroom was hot and so was their inappropriate hookup in the office. I’m curious to know whom Patrick will choose in Season 2. Richie would be the better boyfriend, but Kevin would be the kinkier of the two. I could grab onto those big ears for hours ;)


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Who is your favorite? How would you rank the guys? What are your thoughts on the finale and the season as a whole? Sound off below.