Havana Brown Searches For Love In The ‘Flashing Lights’ In New Single

A couple days ago, Havana Brown debuted a hot new single called “Flashing Lights” from her upcoming debut studio album. Back in June, the Australian artist had released a music video for a catchy dance track called “Spread A Little Love“. After listening to both tracks, I’m thinking “Flashing Lights” will be the stronger single – especially with some good remixes already in circulation.

The song isn’t as club heavy and has a much lighter, disco feel to it when compared to “Spread A Little Love” and her “We Run The Night” and “Big Banana” hits. It actually has a Kylie Minogue feel to it and I’m digging it. In the chorus, Brown sings, “In the flashing lights / Looking for some love tonight / You know I love the way you lie / I wanna do it and do it / and do it again.”

The lyric video debuted at the same time as the song itself, but unfortunately it’s not available to be viewed in all countries. With that, I decided to also include an awesome Extended Remix by the talented Dave Audé below. Enjoy!

Havana Brown – Flashing Lights (Dave Audé Extended Remix)

Havana Brown – Flashing Lights (Lyric Video)