What happened to the good old days when groupies threw their panties on stage? I guess given the age demographic of most of One Direction’s fans, that probably would be inappropriate. Perhaps stuffed animals would be more suitable. I’m sure Harry Styles and the 1D boys would agree that anything but a pair of sneakers are a better idea.

During a concert in Glasgow, Scotland, Jade Anderson threw a pair of sneakers on stage. She later revealed she just wanted Styles to touch something belonging to her. When the first sneaker landed, Harry bent over to pick it up. As he stood up, he was hit in the crotch by the second shoe. Upon being hit, the Brit laid on the ground clutching his privates. Whether he was milking it or genuinely hurt, he rose a few seconds later.

Just in case you were wondering, Anderson was booted from the concert after the mishap. Being the good sports that they are, One Direction allowed her to stay and even returned her footwear back. Can you imagine the poor girl walking home barefoot? LOL. Check out the clip below.