One Direction’s Harry Styles Kisses A Man & Niall Horan Bares His Butt

Why don’t we have variety shows like this in North America? Another reason why the UK kicks ass.

James Corden, the host of A League of Their Own, sure is one lucky guy. Not only does he get to lock lips with Harry Styles during a Kiss Cam segment, but he gets up close and personal with Niall Horan’s bare butt. Corden gets down on his knees to sponge Horan’s ass so he can plaster a tattoo of himself on the 1D singer. I wonder what the other boys of One Direction were subjected to? Check out some extremely gay-tastic hijinks below.

A League Of Their Own – Niall Gets A Tattoo

A League Of Their Own – Kiss Cam

  • Belladonna

    @Donovan When I first started reading this blog I wasn’t sure if I would like it but I keep coming back & its because even tho theres times I don’t agree with you ( witch is most of the time) lol You still post things like this that makes me so happy that I couldn’t imagine going 2any other Queer Blog. Lol a lot of Pop blogs act like there so over POP coulter but you guys show how much you love it with every post. I feel lucky to be growing up in a time with Gaga, Macklemore, Ru Paul Drag Race, One Direction & you guys Homorazzi It’s amazing. Thanks for posting on all of them & loving your jobs.

  • Martin

    so awesome that One Direction knows a Key Group of its fans… The LGBT Community and tries to make them happy…

  • jr89

    This is very cool even if I’m not a fan of them 😉

  • Abigail Hurst

    1D is SO HOT, but my fav. is niall horan OMG he is SO SEXY!!!!!!