Say Goodbye to Harry Potter… Again.

As if ending the series wasn’t a big enough blow for all of us, Warner Bros. just announced that on Dec. 29 they will cease all shipment of all Harry Potter films. Yes, you read that right – once stores sell out of their copies of HP 1-7 (including the box sets), they will NOT be replaced!

In a move much like their venture into theme parks, Warner Bros. is mimicking Disney by periodically rereleasing all of the films as a strategy for more money down the road. Personally, I think the $12.1 billion gross so far would be enough to keep the company happy, but I guess I’m wrong.

As a fan, I find this to be the end of an era. Every summer for years now my friends and I have looked forward to the theatrical release of a new Harry Potter film (I know, I’m a dork) and then later anticipated the DVD release. I was literally just getting over the end of all of that and now I have to deal with this? I’m not happy…

I have a feeling that the Nov. 11 release of the eighth film is going to be absolutely chaotic because of this. I know I’ll be getting my copy before it’s too late!

So, what do you think about Warner Bros. decision to get rid of Harry Potter?

  • Aqua

    ugh ..dont even care about this movie… Its shit anyways…