Meet The Sexy Harrison Twins

Who doesn’t love a sexy pair of twins? Britain’s Harrison Twins have been making a name for themselves as some of the fittest twins around and we’ve got some of the pictures and behind the scenes videos from some of their shoots to prove it.

Their names are Owen and Lewis and although they look so much alike, they each have their own unique sexy features about them. They both have tattoos, but they are different and sexy in their own ways (Owen has a lip ring and a tattoo that comes across his chest, whereas Lewis has a pretty bright and loud sleeve tattoo).

Both brothers are pretty popular and active in social media. They have a Facebook Page in addition to each of them with their own Instagram & Twitter. Some of the photographers that have shot them include Justin Taylor and Tauseef Photography.

Check out their photos and videos below. I’ve included many of their own personal Instagram photos as well as some of the behind the scenes videos from their professional photo shoots.

Owen Harrison

Lewis Harrison

Behind The Scenes Videos

Bodybuilding Twins, The Harrison Twins

Return of the Bodybuilding Twins, Harrison Twins

Ripped Muscle Twins Gym Shoot

  • Peter

    They would be goodlooking if it weren’t for the tattoos. Disgusting.

  • Rob

    yeah gross

  • DouggSeven

    They could also lose their vocal box. My god they are assholes when they speak.

  • Frank

    The tats are pretty gross, but, yeah, their attitudes suck even more. They are so full of themselves they couldn’t be more unattractive. Hopefully they’ll grow up as they get older.

  • They’re very hyper in their posing. Owen does most of the talking, so he’s the most dominant. But overall, I like them. They’re still growing boys.

  • Raudgraenn

    My question is, are they promoting themselves for homosexual guys as well as for women?
    There is always a strong homo-erotic vibe in their modelling, photographies, etc that it suggests to me they want to appeal to a potential homosexual fanbase…

    If they were either homosexual or bisexual I would totally be their fan.