As you know by now, I’m having the time of my life in Europe with Brian. I honestly don’t want to go back home. Our trip is so jam-packed visiting several countries, I didn’t have enough slots in my Model Behavior series to fit a representative from Greece. Thankfully, I have my other weekly feature where I can highlight a Greek god. Problem solved. So I’m taking a break from featuring studs from the upcoming Fall television season for one week. It’d be a shame not to share this juicy man meat.

Haris Giakoumatos is a model, actor and wait for it… a water polo player. Not just your average one either, he’s a water polo champion. I couldn’t find too much information about him besides the fact he was born in Halandri, Greece on February 2, 1982. His first film was “A Sea Apart” and his favorite music is Ksulina spa8ia (whatever that is). I’m sure a majority of you check out these posts more for the pics rather than the biographical info. For those who do, I’m sorry. I hope his hotness will make up for the lack of background knowledge. Check out Haris’ pics below.

I’m loving his eyebrows. Doesn’t this look like an ad from the 90s?

Horse power indeed. VROOM, VROOM. I wonder if he rides “bareback”.

There’s something about a hot guy that can dance. Bonus points for having breaker moves.

Even in the dark, he’s sexiness shines through. I’d love to spend some quality time in a closet playing “7 minutes in heaven” with this stud.

HAHAHA. I wonder what’s so funny.

Not sure if love is in the air, but LUST certainly is.

I always had a thing for water polo guys and Haris definitely lives up to that standard.

With a body like this, he probably doesn’t eat a whole lot of souvlaki and potatoes. Can’t say the same for me.