Happy Socks Features Nude Dancers In New Ad Campaign

Now this is one way to sell socks. The Swedish brand enlisted famed photographer David LaChapelle to shoot their Fall ad campaign. Wearing barely anything else than colorful Happy Socks, dancers high kick and grand jeté their little hearts out on location in downtown Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

“It was really about the form of the dancers themselves, who star in the pictures, and the idea of the colorful socks and colorful backgrounds — and the happy feeling in the air,” – David LaChapelle

In addition to the print campaign, a short video titled “Happy Accidents” will debut shortly. Choreographed by John Byrne, the kooky visual follows a hooker possessed with an irresistible urge to dance. The nine-minute tale loosely based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale The Red Shoes will debut on October 31 on HappySocks.com. Check out the print visuals below.

  • Gorgeous form. (and bodies, youch.)