Before you have a panic attack, Casey Wilson (Penny) isn’t leaving the show. I can’t even imagine Happy Endings without Penny Hartz. That said, there is a new “Penny” in town. Here’s the scoop. When Wilson’s character snags a steady new sexy love interest, played by hunk Nick Zano, things between Max (Adam Pally) and her become strained.

As with many new relationships, time with friends often diminishes. Feeling a bit abandoned, Max goes on a lookout for a replacement Penny. Enter new BFF Nicole. In a recent interview, Pally reveals his character Max pronounces Nicole’s name as “Nickel“. Why? Because she’s five times as much as Penny. LOL. Wilson jokingly adds that Nicole is “fives times as crazy!” as well. Find out who’s been cast as Nicole below.

32-year-old comedienne Kulap Vilaysack has been tapped to play Max’s new BFF, Nicole. Her credits include appearing on the Adult Swim series, Childrens Hospital and co-hosting the Earwolf podcast Who Charted?, along with comedian Howard Kremer. In other casting news, Matthew del Negro (Rizzoli & Isles) guest stars on the show as a hot masseuse hired by Penny Hartz. Max is so enamored with him, he literally poisons Penny for a chance to make out with him. These crazy kids. LOL.

Are you looking forward to the third season of Happy Endings? Who’s your favorite character on the ABC sitcom? Happy Endings returns on its new night, Tuesdays, on October 23 at 9pm.