Max Gets A Hot New Love Interest On “Happy Endings”

Looks like “Happy Endings’” resident gay is about to, literally, get a happy ending. The producers just cast a new love interest for Max, played by the cub-licious Adam Pally. Word has it that Max’s beau will be a blast from the past. The two dated previously and are now giving it another go. Pally recently chatted with E! Online regarding his new BF at this year’s GQ Men of the Year party.

“He’s funny and he’s a good-looking guy,” Pally revealed. “I’m just shocked that it’s a guy that Max could get, so we’ll see what happens.”

Shame on you Pally. I totes would date Max if I was single and a fictitious character on “Happy Endings”. LOL. Care to guess which handsome stud has been tapped to play tonsil hockey with him? Here’s a hint. He starred on a drama last season on Fox but was canceled after only two shows.

If you guessed the sexy James Wolk from the defunct “Lone Star“, then you get a gold star… or should I say lone star. The 26-year-old Michigan-born hottie was in demand during last year’s pilot season, but once again picked the wrong project to star in. Wolk chose ABC’s “Georgetown” pilot with Katie Cassidy (another new show loser), but the network never picked it up for this Fall season. Looks like the network took a liking to him though, since he landed on his feet (which will hopefully be up in the air) on “Happy Endings”. You might also recognize James from his role in “You Again” with Jamie Lee Curtis, Sigourney Weaver and Kristen Bell.

I’m glad the show is giving Max some action. Someone like Max would totally be getting boned if this were real life. I’m also ecstatic people have discovered this cleverly-written show during its second season. The show was recently picked up for 22 episodes on the heels of it’s best showing- the hilarious Halloween episode.

ABC on Wednesday night is my favorite of this Fall season. “Suburgatory“, “Modern Family“, “Happy Endings” and “Revenge” make my hump day much more bearable. The network just needs to cancel “The Middle” and bring back “Cougar Town” and then it would be television Nirvana. Don’t you agree?

  • Wes

    Great news! Happy Endings is one of my fav shows.

    And actually, I LOVE The Middle. I’m less impressed with Suburgatory.

  • metty

    totes agree. should bring back cougar town. love me some witty comedy. LOVE happy endings, everything about it. ah-ma-zing!

  • Laxer

    Thank you ABC…James Wolk needs to be on tv.

  • Ricky

    Josh Wolk’s chest hair is a welcome addition!

  • ADAM

    this dude is way to hot for this chubby no job lazy man child .

  • Brian

    ABC announced Cougar Town will be coming back mid season but it has ordered less new episodes for the season.

  • Maz

    Don’t agree, I love The Middle! Cougar Town’ll be back mid-season so put Revenge on Sundays and get rid of whatever they play before Desperate Housewives.

  • I don’t watch Revenge, but love all the others in that lineup. James Wolk is sexy + so are Max (Adam Pally), Suburgatory’s Jeremy Sisto, + Cougar Town’s Bobby Cobb (Brian Van Holt). Elsewhere on ABC, I’m all about Once Upon A Time. Prince Charming (Josh Dallas), briefly there Gaston (Sage Brocklebank), The Stranger (Eion Bailey), + the dearly departed Sheriff Graham (Jamie Dornan).