If I was a kid, I’d certainly be trick or treating at this house! Last year, Kevin Judd of Edwards Landings Lights did his annual Halloween Light Show to “Party Rock Anthem.” Unfortunately, the homeowner’s association in his Riverside, California community didn’t allow him to do it this year. Most spectators that would come and watch were respectful, but it was the few bad eggs that left trash or blocked driveways that ruined it for everyone.

Fortunately, his neighborhood in Leesburg, Virginia has allowed him to put on the show and this year he’s chosen “Gangnam Style.” The display boasts over 8,500 lights and roughly 200 channels of computer animation. The full display actually has 13 full songs, but “Gangnam Style” is the main event.

Kevin Judd has been putting these Halloween light shows on since 2008. Check out the “Gangnam Style” light show video below!

2012 Halloween Light Show – ‘Gangnam Style’