Movie Review: Hall Pass

A couple nights ago, I caught the pre-screen of the movie Hall Pass, a comedy starring SNL’s Jason Sudeikis as well as Owen Wilson, who you know from tons of other comedies, but mostly from his unique nose. I had no expectations going into this film, but I will tell you this…I was beyond pleasantly surprised.

Best friends Rick and Fred (Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis) have been married to their wives for several years now (Jenna Fisher and Christina Applegate). When the women start getting frustrated by their men always checking out other girls and always wanting to have sex, they decide to grant their men a one week Hall Pass, as recommended by their psychologist friend, played by Joy Behar from The View. What does that entail? The “Hall Pass” is a week off of marriage to do whatever they want…no questions asked. Of course it seems too good to be true at first, but then the guys realize it’s for real and they’re eager to take advantage of the opportunity. Of course, being “single” isn’t how they remember it to be, as they have changed and so has the scene.

The film actually reminded me of The Hangover, which of course is a good thing. (Sidenote: Before the movie started, we got to see a brief trailer of The Hangover 2, which looks amazing! Check it out later in the post). The guys getting away from it all, only to get themselves into tons of trouble. Here they are below heading out with their hilarious posse:

I have to say, this was one of my favorite movies for Owen Wilson. He tends to play the same character a lot, but he was a lot more human and relatable in this film, as an middle-aged father of two. He and his on screen wife, played by The Office‘s Jenna Fisher, had great chemistry. She looked hot (and tanned) in the film and it was great to see her on the big screen as opposed to only in my livingroom. Of course, Christina Applegate was awesome in the film as well – that’s a given. Jason Sudeikis also stepped up to the plate in his biggest role to date, and was absolutely hysterical in this film.

There are some absolutely hilarious moments and brilliant one liners in the film. A few terms and lines I learned from the film are “Fake Chow,” and “taking some photos for the spank bank,” where Sudeikis’ character takes some mental photos of a hot chick for later use in masturbatory activities.

A scene that you’ll totally love is earlier on in the movie when the two couples head over to a pretentious couple-friends of theirs place, along with some others, for an afternoon social… Alyssa Milano is in this scene too. I won’t spoil it for you.

I definitely recommend watching this film. If you enjoyed The Hangover, you won’t be disappointed.

OVERALL RATING: 4 out of 5 stars



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