Haley Joel Osment Is Back

Remember that kid who hid under tables and told Bruce Willis he saw dead people? Well, Haley Joel Osment is all grown up (23 years old actually) and he’s about to make a comeback in the film industry. According to CNN, Haley has signed on to star in Wake The Dead based on the Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” with cues from the graphic novel series by Steven Niles. Haley will play the character of Victor Franklin, a college student morbidly experimenting with the limits of human death. This sound highly intriguing yet mildly disturbing.

Taking it back, the last time I remember seeing H.J.O. was in one of my favorite sci-fi flicks, Artificial Intelligence. A few years later, a teenage Osment starred in Secondhand Lions. So where has he been since then? You may recall that the 18 year old had some trouble with the law back 2006 when Osment was a car accident and flipped his car. The actor ended up injuring his shoulder and breaking a rib. The officers gave him a breathalyzer test and he blew twice the legal limit… for a 21 year old. Things looked worse when they also found he was in possession of marijuana.

Haley spent some time in rehab and also went to AA and has now got his life back together and is back on track. Even though he hasn’t been blowing up at the box office in any blockbuster films, Osment has done a few small films and has been doing a lot of voice work for the popular video game series Kingdom Hearts. He also received a degree from NYU and booked a role in the upcoming Bossy Pants. Good for you Haley. We’re looking forward to seeing you make a good ol’ comeback.