As Predicted: Huge Earthquake in Haiti


Here we go again: A powerful 7.3 earthquake (that lasted for almost a minute!) shook up Haiti today and a Tsunami warning is in effect. The US Pacific Tsunami Warning Center noted that there was the possibility of a local tsunami that could affect “coasts located usually no more than a 100km [60 miles] from the earthquake epicentre”.

The quake’s epicenter about 15km (10m) south-west of Port-au-Prince, as per the the US Geological Survey. Buildings & hospitals in Port-au-Prince have reportedly collapsed and the “sky is just grey with dust” according to a US official.

They were told this day was coming….

Quick Facts About Haiti

  • Population of 10 million people
  • Creole & French Speaking
  • Although beautiful, known for having a history of violence, instability & dictatorship (past)
  • Democracy reinstated in 2006
  • Poor Economy
  • Chronic Unemployment

Port-au-Prince is along a large fault which is part of the Enriquillo Fault Zone. The fault begins in Petionville and follows the Southern Peninsula, concluding at Tiburon. In 1751 & 1771, this town was completely destroyed by an earthquake. A couple years ago, Patrick Charles of the Geological Institute of Havana had said that “conditions are ripe for major seismic activity in Port-au-Prince. The inhabitants of the Haitian capital need to prepare themselves for an event which will inevitably occur…”

Well….he was right! Thoughts with all those affected by this catastrophic event:(

  • Don Prince

    We are praying for the relief work in Haiti. God comfort each of you.