Haikus On Hotties 2017 Calendar

haikus-on-hotties-calendarAre you a fan of the short form of Japanese poetry that is a haiku? Have an affinity for men from Asia? Now put them together and what do you have? This fun calendar.

Conceived by Yoshi and Peter Sudarso, the 2017 version ups the ante from the previous year. This time around, the models write one haiku, and the only rule is that it has to be about hotness. Then, they figure out a way to get it on them — whether it’s on clothing, their bodies or some other creative way.

Who doesn’t love a cutie who’s literate, right? Check out a video preview below, along with a couple of samples.

Haikus On Hotties 2017 Calendar Kickstarter Video

Click here for their Kickstarter page.