H&M Styling Session Spring/Summer 2011 Mens

Ann-Sofie and Imran talk about the Spring/Summer 2011 trends which seems to be moving into a longer looser and more relaxed silhouette but still keeping into a slim look without being too tight. Colours range from baby blues, grays to light beige and military influences from Fall move more into a safari inspiration.

Check out the video interview and the styling session with Hanneli Mustaparta on the next part of the post.

H&M Trend Guide Spring Summer 2011. Menswear Fashion. Interviews with Imran Amed, Founder / Editor, The Business of Fashion; and Ann-Sofie Johansson, Head of Design, H&M, model.

H&M Styling Session with Hanneli Mustaparta. Spring Summer 2011 menswear collection. Model: Håkan.

  • Votta

    I don’t really get the whole “drop crotch” thing.

  • Yeah I tried on a pair and I just couldn’t get over the feeling of the pants sagging between your knees lol