Gym Class Heroes New Music Video Follows Olympic Hopeful

Just ask anyone I know and they’ll tell you I’m an Olympic junkie. So much so, Brian attended a trivia night the other day with a few co-workers and ended up winning a round due to him picking up random bits of Olympic knowledge from me through the years. Normally, television doldrums kick in during the summer months, but with the London 2012 Games taking place this year, I know I’ll be glued to my TV thanks to all the beautifully done human interest pieces by NBC. They really know how to tug at the heart strings.

You can only imagine my delight the second I saw Gym Class Heroes‘ new Olympic-themed music video. I’m a sucker for a real-life Rocky montage. Featuring Ryan Tedder, “The Fighter” follows the journey of Bronx-born gymnast John Orozco. Using real-life footage from the athlete’s youth and televised competitions along with new footage of him training, directors Marc Klasfeld & Nico Sabenorio do an excellent job of capturing Orozco’s quest to make the Olympic team. The clip definitely has heart and emotion. Check it out below.

Gym Class Heroes: The Fighter ft. Ryan Tedder

What do you think of Gym Class Heroes’ new music video? Do you think “The Fighter” will be a hit? Are you going to watch the 2012 Olympics on NBC? If so, what events are you looking forward to watching? Share your thoughts below.

  • Dan

    This gave me goose bumps and got me even more excited for the Olympics!

  • Ewan

    Nice song but why did they have to ruin it with rap.

  • Dillon

    @Ewan I don’t say they ruined it with a rap, you don’t like rap I get that allot of people enjoy it, it speaks something throwing words together like that, says something to allot of people in my opinion this is a great inspiring song.