Gwen Stefani Debuts New Track ‘Misery’


Ahead of the release of This Is What The Truth Feels Like on March 18, Gwen Stefani shares a new track off her third solo studio album. Not just any, but track number one which sets the mood for the entire LP.

Contrary to what the title suggests, according to Stefani, “Misery” is “a very happy song.” I can see that. The track was reportedly considered as a single before “Make Me Like You” was released. It certainly has potential.

Speaking of “Make Me Like You,” why that track hasn’t done better is beyond me. It’s fantastic and I love the video. Is this a case of ageism on pop radio? My Spidey senses indicate so. Listen to “Misery” below and weigh in afterward.

Gwen Stefani ‘Misery’

  • Nozuka

    “Make Me Like You” really grew on me.
    And this one will most likely too. I guess i’ll finally listen to a Gwen Stefani album again.